Reaction Design

Reaction Design is now part of ANSYS

Others Compromise
on Chemistry. We Don't.

Truly predictive simulation of engine performance using realistic fuel chemistry without compromising Time-to-Solution.

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animated engine combustion
Internal Combustion Engines

Don’t Waste Your
CFD Investment. Leverage It.

Accurately predict emissions and PM (soot) formation at low-load and high-power conditions.

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animated gas turbine combustor
Gas Turbine Combustors

Don’t Ignore
Fuel Effects. Account
For Them.

Realistically model fuel behavior in your burners.

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animated burner
Burners & Boilers

Stop Waste. Perfect Your

Accurately simulate chemical interactions at the gas surface boundary.

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material proccessing
Materials Processing

A Little Inefficiency
Can Cost You A Lot. Optimize Your

Model the effects of design variables
on product yield.

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animated chemical production
Chemical Production

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The FORTÉ CFD Package is the only simulation package for combustion engines that incorporates proven CHEMKIN-PRO solver technology.

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ENERGICO is a complex system-design simulation tool that works by applying detailed chemistry models within a network of reactors that is constructed from a CFD solution.

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CHEMKIN is the gold standard chemical kinetics simulation tool assisting in the conceptual development of combustion systems in cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers and equipment used in material processing applications.

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The Model Fuel Library comprises of more than 40 fully validated, self-consistent components that can be used to simulate fuel effects in virtually all types of automotive, aircraft and power-generation engines.

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CHEMKIN-CFD is a plug-in chemistry solver that can be linked to other computational software packages to add accuracy, speed and stability to calculations using finite-rate, multi-step reaction kinetics.

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ANSYS Forte - Follow the Chemistry

Accurate combustion chemistry is crucial for predictive engine design. See where real chemistry knowledge can take you with ANSYS Forte.