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Reaction Design is a strong supporter of educational and research programs at universities all over the world. Our products are used by thousands of people at universities and colleges globally. We offer access to our products for both teaching and research purposes.

    Full-featured CHEMKIN-PRO software licenses are available in a variety of configurations, based on the area of application interest and the intended use (teaching or research).

    FORTÉ licenses are available to qualifying academic institutions for both in-classroom teaching purposes and scholarly research.
  • Academic Bundle
    A special Academic Teaching Bundle includes a single seat license for CHEMKIN-PRO for use by the instructor and 20 additional seats of CHEMKIN for classroom use. 

Academic Licensing Requirements

To qualify for a Reaction Design Academic license we require all purchasing documents to be issued from an accredited, degree granting Academic Institution.  A National Lab, National Center or National Facility operated by an Academic Institution for the U.S. or foreign Government does not qualify, nor does a university research program on behalf of a government organization. The software is to be installed and used at, and only at, the licensed location Academic pricings subject to the execution of an Academic License Agreement.  In addition, all terms and conditions of the Reaction Design Standard Software License Agreement will apply.

Academic Partnerships

Reaction Design partners with leading academic research institutions to assist them in pushing the technology envelope.  Click here to view some of our academic partners

Academic Support

Academic Institutions are eligible for Reaction Design Technical Support. All licenses include some technical support. Additional support can be purchased for a fee. You can contact support at


CHEMKIN-PRO training classes are held in San Diego, California. For more information about training opportunities, please contact

Contact Information

For more information about Reaction Design's Academic Program, please contact:

Academic Program Coordinator
Reaction Design
5930 Cornerstone Court West, Suite 230
San Diego, CA. 92121
Direct: +1 (858) 210-3201        
Fax: +1 (858) 550-1925