To survive in today’s extremely competitive and tightly regulated transportation and energy environment, clean technology goals must be met. Now, more than ever, transportation manufacturers and energy producers are under intense pressure to develop and deliver higher-performance products with significantly reduced emissions. Relying solely on experimentation and measurement is costly, time-consuming and provides limited insight into new designs. The industry now recognizes that computer-based engineering simulation and modeling is not only critical to advancements in engine technology, it saves time and money in the development process.  

Reaction Design helps customers reduce costs and meet environmental requirements through fast, accurate and reliable simulation. Our technology enables organizations to get the results they need, faster, using proven true combustion science. Click here to learn more about our simulation and modeling products.

Reaction Design’s world-class engineers, chemists and programmers have expertise that spans multi-scale engineering from the scale of a molecule through an entire engine. Reaction Design is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. and serves more than 400 customers in the commercial and government markets around the world, including many Fortune 1000 companies. Our unique academic program also engages hundreds of university researchers and students.

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