Reaction Design collaborates with leading technology providers in the development and enhancement of joint products or complementary simulation capabilities and services. Together we deliver products that enable our customers to take advantage of the industry’s most accurate simulation software.

Reaction Design also has a strong collaboration with many academic institutions around the world to provide students and researchers with access to Reaction Design’s technology. Click here for more about our Academic Program.

National Laboratory Partners

Reaction Design is an Associate Member of CO-LaN (CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network), which is a neutral industry and academic association promoting open interface standards in process simulation software. CO-LaN members are committed to making Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) easier, faster and less expensive by achieving complete interoperability of CO compliant commercial CAPE software tools.


IFP Energies nouvelles was a charter member of Reaction Design’s Model Fuels Consortium for seven years. Continued collaborations focus on engine experiments for validation of engine simulations.

IFPEN is a public research, innovation and training in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Through its research and the resulting innovations, IFPEN promotes economic development pathways related to the sectors of energy, transport and environmental industries.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory was a charter member of Reaction Design’s Model Fuels Consortium for seven years. Continued collaborations focus on engine simulation with validation against advanced engine experiments, as well as GPU programming.

ORNL is a multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by UT-Battelle, LLC. ORNL's mission is to deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs that will accelerate the development and deployment of solutions in clean energy and global security, and in doing so create economic opportunity for the nation.


Sandia National Laboratories

Reaction Design continues a strong collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories through their Combustion Research Facility. Sandia's CHEMKIN website provides additional information on the history of CHEMKIN development, as well as proceedings from workshops sponsored jointly by Sandia and Reaction Design. Sandia continues to participate in development and enhancement of CHEMKIN capabilities. Since 1998, we have co-sponsored biennial, international workshop.

CHEMKIN Software Distribution and Use Guidelines

Commercial Partners

ANSYS develops, markets and supports engineering simulation software use to foresee how product designs will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environnments.

Cray offers comprehensive supercomputing solutions used by researchers to solve their toughest computational problems. Cray technologies enable breakthroughs by accelerating performance, improving efficiency and extending the capabilities of the most demanding applications.

Intel Software Partner logo

Reaction Design is a member of the Intel® Software Partner Program. Intel Software Partner Program members are recognized by Intel as preferred provider for Intel technology-based solutions.

Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants (WERC) promote the use of computer modeling within the engine industry and speed the transfer of advanced developments from the University environment to the industry.

Academic Partners

The following partners actively supported Reaction Design's Model Fuels Consortium.

  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Tokyo

The following institutions use FORTÉ in their academic research and teaching in the classroom.

  • Chalmers University
  • Chiba University
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Imperial College
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Waseda University
  • Wayne State University

These institutions use CHEMKIN-PRO as part of their participation in the Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center (CEFRC) program for fuels research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • California Institute of Technology
  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Connecticut