Comprehensive Solutions for Fast, Accurate Simulations

Discover how Reaction Design’s unique suite of modeling and simulation products can help designers address today’s challenges.

Internal Combustion Engine image

Internal Combustion Engines

Today, engine designers are focused on reducing pollutant emissions and improving engine efficiency. Using Reaction Design software and fuel models, engine designers can meet these goals without compromising Time-to-Solution.

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Gas Turbine Combustor image

Gas Turbine Combustors

Companies worldwide are constantly working to improve the design of their combustion systems. Learn how designers can use the most accurate models and the most efficient software available to predict pollutant emissions, stability and PM (soot) formation in combustors.

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Burners & Boilers image

Burners & Boilers

The ever-widening fuels landscape presents a challenge to burner designers. Reaction Design offers models and software that allow virtual exploration of the design space with unparalleled accuracy. 

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Materials Processing image

Materials Processing

In a competitive industry where cost and quality are key differentiators, simulation helps designers optimize their processes for best results. Reaction Design software provides developers the capability to accurately simulate chemical interactions at the gas surface boundary.

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Chemical Production image

Chemical Production

Chemical production plant profitability is highly dependent on feedstock consumption, process efficiency and end-product quality. Engineers can model the effects of design variables on product yield using Reaction Design software.  

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