CHEMKIN-PRO Reaction Workbench - Jet Fuel Mechanism Reduction for Soot Simulations

Duration: 00:52:09

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Reaction Workbench is an optional extension to CHEMKIN-PRO that is ideal for scientists and engineers who work with detailed kinetic mechanisms and complex fuel formulations. Using the CHEMKIN-PRO Reaction Workbench, surrogate fuel mechanisms can be created that match the behavior of "real" fuels. Reaction Workbench can then automatically reduce the surrogate fuel mechanism for specific simulation targets with full user control of the level of accuracy in the reduction process.

In this seminar, we will demonstrate how to use Reaction Workbench to create a multi-component surrogate fuel blend for Jet-A liquid fuel that matches real fuel physical properties specifically for the prediction of sot emissions from multiple soot precursors. Master fuel components for the Jet-A mechanism will be assembled from Reaction Design's extensively validated Model Fuel Library. Two different approaches to soot simulation will be presented. One approach will track soot as a pseudo-gas phase that can be used to predict soot mass fraction based on typical gas turbine operating conditions. The other approach will incorporate multi-step soot surface chemistry that can be used to predict soot particle size distribution when applied in tools such as CHEMKIN-PRO and ENERGICO.  

Who Should View 

  • Aviation Gas Turbine Combustor Designers
  • Burner and Boiler Designers
  • Fuel Kineticists
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers

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