Evaluating Lean Blow Off in Gas Turbines and Burners with Time-to-Solution that Fits Rapid Design Flows

Duration: 00:35:43

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Reaction Design has introduced predictive capabilities that enable the accurate modeling of Lean Blow Off (LBO) in ENERGICO, enabling combustion engineers to perform detailed chemical kinetic and mixing analysis within minutes, saving millions in gas turbine development costs and substantially reducing Time-to-Solution when compared to traditional physical prototype testing. Turbines used in combined-cycle power plants seeking to operate at lower loads to avoid costly nightly shut-downs will also benefit from ENERGICO's new capabilities. 

Using an advanced combustion simulation package like ENERGICO, designers can leverage existing CFD data to initiate and evaluate combustor design and fuel changes impacts on how close a flame is to LBO. Moving combustion air from one place to another in the combustor can have a big impact on a combustor's ability to achieve lower exit temperatures while avoiding LBO or excessive CO emissions. ENERGICO utilizes accurate combustion chemistry to predict CO emissions accurately with shorter solution times than CFD. The speed and accuracy of this approach makes it easier for combustor designers to evaluate LBO behavior for different designs and operating conditions. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to use ENERGICO to predict CO emissions
  • How to conduct an automated parameter study to evaluate how close a case is to LBO
  • How to determine the exit temperature gain or loss through combustor design or fuel changes
  • How to integrate LBO simulations into rapid combustor design flows

Who Should View

  • Gas Turbine Combustor Design Engineers
  • Boiler Burner Design Engineers
  • Alternative Fuel Combustion Designers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers

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