Introduction to CHEMKIN-PRO

Duration: 01:01:51

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The need to understand and predict chemistry is essential in developing Clean Technology solutions in transportation, energy and materials processing applications.  Relying on engine testing for accurate performance validation is prohibitive, given today’s fuel diversity, complex engine designs and shortening design cycles.  Effective simulation makes simulation a viable tool in today’s design process.  Get the right results, faster, with true combustion science.

During this event the presenter will demonstrate how design engineers can use CHEMKIN-PRO to solve complex chemical design problems. This web seminar reviews the fundamentals behind the CHEMKIN-PRO software, and focuses on ways to apply CHEMKIN-PRO software in optimizing and improving understanding of chemical process behavior. The class will cover CHEMKIN-PRO gas-phase and surface formalisms for developing and describing chemical mechanisms, as well as example applications to industry-relevant problems.

In this seminar we will demonstrate the use of a Perfectly Stirred Reactor (PSR) to predict pollutant emissions such as NOx and CO.  A network of PSR reactors can be linked together to help guide conceptual design of combustion systems such as gas turbines and boilers.  In addition, the flame extinction reactor will be demonstrated that allows the prediction of Lean Blow Off (LBO) in combustion systems.

What You Will Learn

  • What kinds of inputs are required to setup a kinetic simulation using CHEMKIN-PRO.
  • How to construct a reactor network to help guide initial design of combustion systems for the reduction of emissions.
  • How to utilize detailed chemistry to investigate flame extinction in combustion systems.

Who Should View

  • Combustion Design Engineers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers

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