Introduction to ENERGICO

Duration: 00:56:04

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For all the things Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can do well; it cannot handle anything more than the most simplistic representation of fuel composition and kinetic effects.  Today’s combustion challenges are all dominated by fuel kinetics  and CFD’s inability to simulate key combustion behaviors, such as emissions and stability, prevents it from providing the edge required to dramatically improve design and innovation for gas turbine and burner manufacturers.

During this event the presenter will demonstrate how design engineers can use ENERGICO to seamlessly link detailed combustion chemistry and CFD for accurate simulation of combustion behavior.  ENERGICO speeds combustion system design, allows you to use accurate chemistry without requiring a specialized understanding of complex kinetics, and produce reliable, repeatable results that can be used to tweak designs before build. 

In this seminar we will demonstrate how to load a CFD solution into ENERGICO and setup a reactor network for use with a more accurate fuel model.  After solving the reactor network, you can see where NOx is being formed and where CO is being quenched.  Engine designers are using ENERGICO to investigate low load or low power CO emissions and NOx emissions at high power. Learn how you can take advantage of this powerful tool in your design flow.

Who Should View

  • Gas Turbine Combustor Design Engineers
  • Boiler Burner Design Engineers
  • Alternative Fuel Combustion Designers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers
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