Introduction to FORTÉ

Duration: 00:50:30

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A consistent failing of current computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes, as cited by the industry, is that they  cannot be relied on to predict values or even to project accurate trends of critical combustion behaviors such as ignition, flame propagation, and emissions. Traditional approaches have historically been “good enough” because the fluid-mixing effects dominated the chemical kinetics effects in predicting engine performance.  However, new, high-efficiency, low-emissions designs present new technical challenges that are highly influenced by fuel chemistry. What proved to be good enough for the design of yesterday’s engines is insufficient for today’s designs. 

During this event the presenter will demonstrate how design engineers can use the new FORTÉ  CFD Package to get quick and accurate predictions of engine behavior and emissions across the broadest range of fuels with scientifically proven fuel models.  Cut your Time-to-Solution while designing cleaner burning engines using the latest combustion science. 

In this seminar we will demonstrate how to use FORTÉ to simulate both Compression Ignition and Spark Ignition engines.  We will also describe FORTÉ’s advanced liquid spray models that dramatically reduce the need for excessive tuning or increased run times to improve accuracy.  We will also demonstrate how FORTÉ can be used to investigate advanced dual fuel combustion using micro-pilot injections of liquid fuel.

Who Should View

  • Internal Combustion Engine Design Engineers
  • Alternative Fuel Engine Designers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers
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