Liquid Fuel Modeling with ENERGICO

Duration: 00:27:47

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The importance of liquid fuels in the present day world cannot be overemphasized.  Aviation turbine engines will be subject to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) new regulations in 2016 that call for significantly reduced NOx, CO and soot emissions. Additionally, turbine manufacturers are being asked to make use of a greater diversity of fuels including Fischer-Tropsch and bio-jet fuels.  

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model combustion has become standard practice in the industry. Modern CFD simulations are capable of resolving complex combustor geometries and of producing complex flow and temperature fields, but they provide only limited chemistry information. In particular, such simulations do not incorporate the level of detail in the fuel-combustion chemistry that is required for accurate emissions predictions. So, designers are unable to rely upon CFD alone to provide accurate predictions of CO and soot. Liquid-fueled combustion presents similar simulation challenges for emissions predictions but with the added complexity of spray modeling in the CFD and even more complex chemical kinetics.

In this seminar we will demonstrate how to use ENERGICO to simulate liquid fuel combustion in gas turbines, burners and industrial processes. Specifically, we will focus on how to use ENERGICO in aviation gas turbines low power condition predictions of CO and Unburned Hydrocarbons. We will also review how ENERGICO can be used with advanced soot chemistry to not only predict soot mass emissions, but also to get information about soot number density and size distributions.

Who Should View 

  • Gas Turbine Combustor Design Engineers
  • Boiler Burner Design Engineers
  • Alternative Fuel Combustion Designers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers
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