Modeling Engine Knock with FORTÉ

Duration: 00:44:45

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Knocking in engines is an undesired combustion phenomenon that limits how efficiently an engine can operate, produces noise and can result in severe engine damage. Understanding the engine knock phenomenon is a mandatory but also tedious task, requiring detailed knowledge of all the processes occurring in the combustion chamber. Engine knock occurs locally in the cylinder and depends on many features such as engine geometry, flame propagation, wall temperatures and ignition timing, yet they are too complex to run in conventional CFD software.   

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to use FORTÉ to predict knocking and calculate the Knock Index for a Spark Ignited engine through the use of virtual pressure sensors and signal conditioning. FORTÉ's embedded CHEMKIN-PRO solver technology can use proven multi-component gasoline fuel models that comprise the hundreds of chemical species  necessary to predict autoignition occurring ahead of the flame front. We will show how to use FORTÉ to investigate knocking by creating a set of automated parameter study simulations that vary spark timing, engine boost, and fuel additives and compositions.

Who Should View 

  • Internal Combustion Engine Design Engineers 
  • Alternative Fuel Engine Designers
  • Low Emissions Technology Designers
  • Project Managers 

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