Soot Modeling in Gas Turbine Combustors, Burners and Boilers with ENERGICO

Duration: 00:44:08

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The process of soot formation and burn-out in liquid-fueled combustors and burners at relevant operating conditions remain poorly understood despite their importance in relation to emissions. For years, the industry has relied on experimentation and fits-to-measurement as a means of understanding Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. This empirical approach is costly, time-consuming, and provides no insight into new designs or operating conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to develop predictive computational models of soot formation in combustion devices which can then lead to optimal design in gas turbine combustors, industrial burners and boilers.

The ENERGICO reactor network simulation tool, when combined with accurate soot chemical models, provides designers the first practical method to apply accurate soot formation chemistry and physics to predict PM emissions. Reaction Design's soot chemical model  has been proven in the laboratory to reliably predict the formation of soot for gaseous and liquid fuels. This model provides insight into where soot is formed during the combustion process when linked with ENERGICO. ENERGICO is especially suited to modeling turbines that operate at high loads, where soot formation is more extreme. ENERGICO enables predictions of soot particle size and distribution with unprecedented accuracy.  Save millions on every design project with accurate combustion simulations.

In this seminar, we will demonstrate how to use ENERGICO to investigate soot formation in a liquid fueled gas turbine combustor. The presenter will describe how the detailed soot chemical model was developed, validated and reduced for use in ENERGICO. Results of the simulation will show how much soot is formed in the combustor and where it is formed.

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