Reaction Design Receives AEI 2011 Tech Award For FORTÉ CFD

FORTÉ CFD Package Accurately Models Fuel Effects in Internal Combustion Engines

San Diego, CA. – July 19, 2011 – Reaction Design, a leading developer of combustion simulation software, is pleased to receive the Automotive Engineering International (AEI) Tech Award for its new FORTÉ™ CFD Package at this year’s SAE 2011 World Congress in Detroit, MI. Presented by the editors of AEI magazine, the AEI Tech Award goes to the most innovative products displayed at the conference.

FORTÉ is the most advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package for realistic 3D modeling of fuel effects in internal combustion engines. Incorporating the industry’s most advanced spray models, as well as high-fidelity fuel chemistry models that are backed by decades of research, FORTÉ CFD delivers simulation accuracy and speed that enables clean and efficient engine design. FORTÉ CFD provides accurate results in just hours where traditional CFD tools would take days or weeks. 

Reaction Design developed FORTÉ in response to issues with current CFD tools for simulating engine combustion. Current combustion models do not predict accurate trends in critical combustion behaviors such as ignition, flame propagation, and emissions. New challenges are straining capabilities even further with real fuels that are too complex to model accurately. Today’s engine specifications demand fuel flexibility while achieving ultralow emissions. While traditional CFD models are insufficient for today’s new engine design, FORTÉ software uses groundbreaking solver technology that enables multi-component fuel models to be combined with comprehensive fluid dynamics of sprays without sacrificing the simulation turn-around time.
About Reaction Design
Reaction Design, a San Diego, California-based software supplier, enables transportation manufacturers and energy companies to rapidly achieve their Clean Technology goals by automating the analysis of chemical processes via computer simulation and modeling solutions. Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de factostandard for modeling gas-phase and surface chemistry that provides engineers ultra-fast access to reliable answers that save time and money in the Development process. Reaction Design’s ENERGICO software brings accurate chemistry simulation to gas turbine and boiler/furnace combustion systems using automated reactor network analysis. Reaction Design also offers the CHEMKIN-CFD software package, which brings detailed kinetics modeling to other engineering applications, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs. Reaction Design’s world-class engineers, chemists and programmers have expertise that spans multi-scale engineering from the molecule to the production plant. Reaction Design serves more than 400 customers in the commercial, government and academic markets.

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