Reaction Design Announces KINetics Plug-In for FLUENT CFD Software

San Diego, Calif. - November 18, 2004 - Reaction Design, the leader in reaction modeling, and Fluent Inc., the leading supplier of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and services, announced today their intent to deliver the Reaction Design KINetics Module as an added-value capability of Fluent's flagship CFD software, FLUENT. The resulting technology provides the KINetics Module for reaction modeling coupled with FLUENT's flow simulation capability. Users of Reaction Design's CHEMKIN software benefit from this software integration because they can utilize consistent chemistry modeling when performing multidimensional reacting flow simulations in FLUENT.

The FLUENT KINetics Module will handle gas phase and surface reactions in flow simulations including combustion, fuel cracking and reforming, exhaust gas after-treatment, pollutant formation, and chemical vapor deposition processes. The integration, to be supported with the upcoming release of FLUENT 6.2, will treat chemistry in both laminar and turbulent flows, using FLUENT's wealth of turbulence-chemistry interaction models. The plug-in module is a joint development of Fluent and Reaction Design and will be sold and supported by Reaction Design.

"CFD analysts will now have the ability to use any level of gas-phase or surface kinetics detail in their complex-flow simulations, using a robust and fully coupled solution algorithm," according to Ellen Meeks, Vice President of Product Development at Reaction Design. "The FLUENT KINetics Module gives FLUENT users direct compatibility with Reaction Design's CHEMKIN software tools, ensuring consistency for all of their reaction modeling needs."

"In addition to making Reaction Design's technology more readily available to FLUENT users, the integration brings together two industry leaders," says Paul Bemis, Fluent's Vice President of Marketing. "Chemically reacting flows represent special challenges for our customers and we are happy to be working with Reaction Design, a leader in reaction modeling."

The FLUENT KINetics module will be available from Reaction Design, concurrent with the release of FLUENT 6.2 in early 2005.

About Reaction Design
Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de facto standard for modeling gas and surface-phase chemistry. Today, as both a software developer and a services provider, Reaction Design focuses on chemical process design and improvement for engines, combustors, and reactors. Their world-class engineers, chemists, and programmers have expertise that spans multi-scale engineering from the molecule to the plant. In addition to providing software solutions, Reaction Design assists clients through:

  • Development and customization of chemical mechanisms
  • CHEMKIN's proprietary techniques for simulating gas and gas/surface chemistry
  • Custom reactor models

Reaction Design remains committed to the development of a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of software simulation tools, and also to providing expert consulting services to companies in order to deliver software-based solutions to specific chemical process problems. These software products and consulting services help industrial and governmental customers develop better products faster, at lower costs, and with minimized impact on the environment. In addition, CHEMKIN software is used extensively in the academic community for both teaching and research applications.

CHEMKIN® and Reaction Design® are registered trademarks of Reaction Design. KINetics is a trademark of Reaction Design.