STAR/KINetics: A New Tool for Reacting Flow Analysis

New York, U.S.A. - November 18, 2003 - 

The CD adapco Group and Reaction Design jointly announce the release of STAR/KINetics, a software tool for simulating processes involving both rate-based chemistry and complex fluid dynamics.

STAR/KINetics is a close coupling of STAR-CD, the leading tool for complex flow simulation, with proprietary solvers and components of CHEMKIN, Reaction Design's powerful chemical kinetic simulation package. STAR/KINetics allows researchers to seamlessly solve reacting flows with comprehensive treatment of both detailed chemistry and intricate flow geometries, including heterogeneous interaction at gas-solid interfaces. The tool's great strength lies in an unrivalled ability to predict the interplay between fluid transport, heat transfer, and chemistry in applications ranging from materials processing, to combustion, and to chemical manufacture.

CFD analysts who are interested in chemical reactions can now extend their capabilities beyond the simplified reaction descriptions used previously, to a tool capable of including the industry standard, detailed CHEMKIN® reaction models. STAR/KINetics incorporates STAR-CD's treatment of a variety of physical phenomena, including sprays, radiation, turbulence and buoyancy, with CHEMKIN's unrivalled treatment of chemical kinetics.

Examples of typical industry processes that can be simulated using STAR/KINetics include:

  • In-cylinder, gas turbine, coal, alternative fuel and catalytic combustion
  • Gasification and pyrolysis
  • Oxidation and dehydrogenation of light alkanes to oxygenates and olefins
  • Reformation of hydrocarbons for fuel-cell applications
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) of NOX
  • Catalytic and non-catalytic exhaust aftertreatment devices
  • CVD, ALD, and chemical etching

"With STAR/KINetics, chemists and engineers can face the challenge of increasing the efficiency of chemical processes and combustion devices while reducing emissions of pollutants from them," says Steve MacDonald, President CD adapco Group. "Traditional approaches using operational or global kinetics descriptions neglect the pivotal contributions of minor species and competing reaction paths to the predictions of chemical composition, emissions, and heat release. For CFD analysts, the ability to include detailed CHEMKIN mechanisms into robust flow analysis has finally arrived," adds Ellen Meeks, Vice President of Product Development Reaction Design.

About the CD adapco Group

The CD adapco Group is a global enterprise providing advanced computationally-based engineering solutions including CFD and FEA codes, expert system tools, training and engineering/consulting services. Its main centers are in New York, London and Yokohama with subsidiary offices throughout the world.

The Group's core product STAR-CD is a technology-leading CFD code, widely used in the automotive industry, as well as other industry sectors including power generation, turbomachinery, aerospace, rail, buildings, offshore structures, environmental, marine, chemical process, pharmaceuticals, electronics, appliances, and specialized mechanical engineering applications ranging from biomedical to heavy industry. With advanced solver and pre-/post-processing, automatic meshing and expert system tools, STAR-CD is capable of handling the most complex fluid flow and heat transfer problems including transient flows, chemical reaction & combustion, rotating systems, multiphase and multiphysics.

The CD adapco Group aims to be always technically ahead with a mission to offer our clients the world's most advanced CFD/CAE software and services. Its mission statement is "To establish a long term relationship with our Industrial Partners by becoming one of their preferred CAE solution providers.”

About Reaction Design

Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de facto standard for modeling of gas and surface-phase chemistry. Today, as both a software developer and a services provider, we focus on reactor and combustor design and improvement. Our world-class engineers, chemists, and programmers have expertise that spans multi-scale engineering from the molecule to the plant. We incorporate our reactor models into our customers' design environments, drawing on our experience with a variety of simulation tools, and reaction chemistries.

Reaction Design's founders recognized that no good commercial simulation software existed to bridge the gap between laboratory-based chemical synthesis and the design and optimization by process engineers of production scale reactor systems. Today, Reaction Design assists clients through:

  • Development and customization of chemical mechanisms
  • CHEMKIN's proprietary techniques for simulating gas and gas/surface chemistry
  • Custom reactor models

We remain committed to the development of a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of software simulation tools, and also to providing expert consulting services to companies in order to deliver software-based solutions to specific chemical process problems. These software products and consulting services help our over 150 government and industrial customers develop better products faster, at lower costs, and with minimized impact on the environment.