CHEMKIN-CFD is a plug-in chemistry solver that can be linked to other computational software packages, such as ANSYS’ FLUENT CFD software, to add accuracy, speed and stability to calculations using finite-rate, multi-step reaction kinetics. 

Detailed reaction kinetics are frequently required to represent combustion and materials process reactions accurately. Such accuracy typically means use of multi-step reaction kinetics. However, using detailed kinetics often causes problems for other software simulation packages, because of computational stiffness, where small changes in one variable may cause large changes in another. In the past, stiff chemistry simulations were characterized by long computational times and unstable solutions that often did not converge. CHEMKIN-CFD tackles these challenges through advanced and more accurate numerical methods, allowing you to incorporate more detailed kinetics descriptions into your simulations.

CHEMKIN-CFD brings the chemistry-solving speed and accuracy of CHEMKIN-PRO to other simulation environments, providing solution stability and remarkable reductions in computation time, compared to embedded chemistry solvers. Recently the CHEMKIN-CFD speed of calculation has also been even further improved, as shown in the figure below, where a speed increase of up to a factor of five has been observed compared to previous versions of CHEMKIN‑CFD. Furthermore, a major breakthrough in the underlying technology of CHEMKIN-CFD ensures computation times are nearly linear with species count. Since the computational performance benefit increases with the size of the mechanism, the use of fully detailed or skeletal chemistry is now practical in a commercial engine development cycle.


CHEMKIN-CFD solution time benchmarks against predecessor KINetics solver


Mechanisms Included with CHEMKIN-CFD for ANSYS FLUENT

The CHEMKIN-CFD for ANSYS FLUENT technology comes with sample multi-step reaction mechanisms for combustion applications that include methane, propane and hydrogen fuels. The following mechanisms are packaged with the CHEMKIN-CFD for ANSYS FLUENT installation:

  • Methane/Ethane: 50-species version of GRI-Mech 3.0
  • Propane: 37-species high-temperature mechanism
  • Hydrogen: two mechanisms:
    • 9-species version for H2 combustion
    • 21-species version for H2 combustion with NOx

Boiler Gas Burner Can Gas Turbine Combustor


CHEMKIN-CFD is also available in the form of an application programming interface (API) module, for direct connection with other simulation codes. It comes complete with step-by-step instructions on how to integrate this advanced solver technology into your specific simulation environment. In addition, Reaction Design offers expert services that can assist in such integrations.

System Requirements and Support

CHEMKIN-CFD is supported on Windows and Linux platforms.

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