CHEMKIN is the gold standard for modeling and simulating gas-phase and surface chemistry that is used for the conceptual development of combustion systems in cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers and equipment used in materials processing applications.

Reaction Design offers a family of CHEMKIN products to meet a hierarchy of requirements. CHEMKIN-PRO is specifically designed for large chemical kinetics simulations requiring complex reaction mechanisms. CHEMKIN-PRO’s advanced solvers and full feature set support the quick and accurate development of models for specific applications. Reaction Workbench is an add-on to CHEMKIN-PRO that provides fuel formulation and automated mechanism-reduction capabilities specifically targeted for a fuel-combustion engineer or scientist. For the simulation of less complex systems CHEMKIN provides industry leading simulation technology at an affordable price.


Feature comparison between CHEMKIN, CHEMKIN-PRO and CHEMKIN-PRO Reaction Workbench