Reaction Design License Utilities

Reaction Design License Utilities for All Supported Software

The following downloads facilitate the set-up of Reaction Design License Utilities on a License Server.

These tools include the basic FLEXnet daemons and also Reaction Design's license-file management tools. The Reaction Design Installation and Licensing Manual and the FLEXnet User Guide manual are also included. Refer to the Reaction Design Installation and Licensing Manual for detailed instructions. You can use the installed version of this manual or access the latest version online Installation_and_Licensing.pdf.

Brief instructions

Help with solving licensing problems

Supported Platforms for Operation of the 11.12 License Daemons

Platform/ Operating System

Linux (x86-based)

  • Redhat Enterprise 5 or newer
  • SuSE 10.2 or newer
  • Other Linux distributions based on 2.6.18 or newer Linux kernel should be compatible, but are not tested or supported. 




  • Windows 7 or 8 (Windows 10 expected to also work)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012

Note: Some recent versions of Windows are no longer compatible with the RDLicenseTool.exe (Manage Reaction Design License) or with the RequestLicense.exe (Request a New Reaction Design License) due to these tools being built with an older version of Visual Basic.  In these cases, use the lmtools.exe utility also provided and documented in the FLEXnet User Guide manual to obtain lmhostid, install the licensing service, etc.


Obtaining lmhostid Value

The lmhostid value is the unique value that is used to connect a license file to a specific license server machine.  The license installers below contain utilities that allow you to obtain that value.  In general, the lmhostid value is one or more of the MAC addresses for both Windows or Linux systems in most cases.  But, with machines that have multiple MAC addresses (wired, wireless, docking station on Windows) and multiple network adapters on Linux (eth0, eth1, ...) this can be more complicated that you might expect.  On Windows, you can download "Installer for License Request for PC Systems" (see below list of downloads) if you only need to obtain the lmhostid.  Any of our product installs also include the license tools, but you need to have a license file to obtain access to those product installers.  On Linux, select the "Installer for RD Licensing Tools ..." for either 32-bit or 64-bit Linux as appropriate.

Supported License Server Utilities  (FlexLM 11.12)

Reaction Design supports FlexLM licensing v 11.12 on x86 and x86_64 systems running Windows or Linux.  Newer versions of the lmgrd daemon or lmadmin utility are also compatible, but not offered for download here.   You can select an installer that includes supplemental license tools that we provide or you can choose to download the specific daemons (lmgrd, reaction) and FlexLM tools (lmutil, lmtools on Windows) individually.  These license tools are also included in our 2015 product installers; so the primary reason for downloading these tools separately is to allow you to add our licensing to an existing, dedicated licensing server where you do not want to perform an install of any of our products or to obtain newer license daemons that are more compatible with newer o/s versions.  

The FlexLM 11.12 Linux lmgrd daemon does not require use of the eth0 style of ethernet adapter configuration file.  The newer Linux distros have changed to using em1 and this won't work with the FlexLM v 11.4.1 version that is distributed with Reaction Design products released prior to 2015.  For Linux license administrators using distros with em1 style of config file, installing these license daemons (lmgrd, reaction)  in place of the 11.4.1 daemons will allow your licensing to work.  

Note that the license management scripts on Linux installs provided with 2014 and earlier versions are not compatible with the v11.12 lmutil tool (it returns a different format of output).  So if you download just the daemons and lmutil, you will need to use them directly and not using our script.  Alternatively, you can download the larger tarball containing updated tool scripts that are compatible.

Linux Licensing Daemons and Installers

We provide separate licensing tools for x86 (32-bit) and x86_64 (64-bit) Linux systems. 

FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 Linux Daemons Only 3 MB
FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 Linux Installers and Daemons 76 MB
FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.13 Linux Daemons Only 1 MB
LicensingEndUserGuide_v11.12.pdf 2 MB
md5sums for FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 0 KB
md5sums for Reaction Design Licensing Tools 11.12 0 KB
Reaction Design Licensing Tools Linux (32-bit) Installer, v.11.12 43 MB
Reaction Design Licensing Tools Linux (64-bit) Installer, v.11.12 37 MB

Windows Licensing Daemons and Installers

We use the 32-bit licensing tools on Windows with both our 32-bit and 64-bit product installations.  We do not make available the 64-bit Windows FlexLM tools.

FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 Windows Daemons Only 2 MB
FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 Windows Installers and Daemons 8 MB
FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.13 Windows Daemons Only 1 MB
LicensingEndUserGuide_v11.12.pdf 2 MB
md5sums for FlexLM Licensing Tools 11.12 0 KB
md5sums for Reaction Design Licensing Tools 11.12 0 KB
Reaction Design Licensing Tools Windows (32-bit) Installer, v.11.12 9 MB

Older License Server Utilities  (FlexLM 11.4.1)

Prior to products released in 2015, we used the FlexLM 11.4.1 version of license daemons.  These daemons are still available both in those installers and on our web site.  But, the makers of FlexLM ( no longer support that version so if you have problems then using the newer 11.12 version is the first thing to try.  You can install the 11.12 version without disrupting any of your existing Reaction Design product installations since the license tools are backward compatible.  The license download page for 11.4.1 version is still available if you are sure that is what you need.

Licensing Tools (earlier 11.4.1 version)