How to Access Install Downloads at ANSYS or Reaction Design

Releases starting with ANSYS 17.0 in January 2016 require an ANSYS license (rather than a Reaction Design license) and downloads are accessed from the ANSYS web site's Customer Portal.


For earlier releases from Reaction Design, access to our product installer download areas requires associating a current Reaction Design license file with your web site profile.  Here are the steps required:

  1. Register as a visitor on our web site.  (We will receive notification when you have registered.)
  2. Add your license information to your web site profile to enable access to our released products
  3. Download our installers for which you are licensed.

Below is a little more detail for how to accomplish the above steps.

 Prior Releases

Step 1:  Register on our web site

Visit our web site and register as a web site user:

When you have completed the registration form and submit it, an email will be sent to you containing a link to click on and confirm your registration.  Until you have received that email and responded to it, your registration is incomplete and you cannot Sign-In to our web site.  This email is sent immediately from as user “Reaction Design web site” and you should receive it quickly so check your spam filter, junk email folder, etc. if you have not received it in a few minutes.  For instance,

Greetings welcome to the site. This email is being sent because somebody registered for access to using this email address. If this was you, please click on the following link and enter your username, password, and the unique code below
Follow this link:


Step 2:  Add Your License To Your Sign-In Profile

Once registered, sign-in to our web site.

Web Site Sign-In


Once you are signed-in, that button is replaced with a Manage Profile link.

Web Site Manage Profile


Click on Manage Profile, and update your profile to add a License Code using the data in the license file that you have received or have access to.

 Web Site Add License

Once you have added your license, it will be shown in the section below (on the same Manage Profile web page).  Once you have a valid (not expired) license associated with your web site sign-in profile, then you will be able to access the customer-only sections of our web site, including the product installer download areas.

Step 3:  Download the Product Installer(s)

At our web site, be sure to Sign-In so you can access the restricted pages.  Then, select Product Release Downloads entry from the Support dropdown menu.  That page will show you several product lines.  The below URL is where you will find these choices: