Installing as Administrator on Windows Vista, 7, 8

Right-Click -> Run as Adminstrator

Beginning with Windows Vista, even users with Administrator permissions must explicitly invoke those permissions to run programs that require elevated privileges. This is part of the tightening of security within Windows. To run our product installers or licensing tools requires elevated permissions since these programs update the registry.

To run the installer or license tools with Administrator permissions, instead of double-clicking the program icon or start menu entry, you must do the following:

  1. Right-click the program icon or Start Menu entry.
  2. Select "Run as Administrator"

After doing this, Windows may prompt you to confirm you want to run with these permissions. You may be warned that the program does not have a Windows-approved trust level. You need to confirm that you want to run our installer or license utilities.

Additional Sources of Information

There are many web sites that describe the use of elevated permissions in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We will not duplicate that information here and encourage you to learn more by searching for appropriate web pages hosted by Microsoft or other information sources. The following are some web sites that contain related information. 
Microsoft Knowledgebase: Windows Vista User Access Control 
HowToGeek: Change a shortcut to always run as administrator. 
(Start Menu items are typically shortcuts so this tip is very useful.) 
HowToGeek: Run from command line as administrator.