How to Obtain a Reaction Design License

Selecting Your License Server

If you plan to use our software on a laptop while not on a local area network, you will need to have the license service on the laptop.  Otherwise, you should select a stable Windows or Linux server on your local area network to host the license service.  All machines using the license service will need to be able to communicate via TCP/IP with the license server, so there will be firewall permissions required, etc.  You should coordinate this choice with your systems administrator; they often prefer to consolidate license services onto specific machines.  Our license service is an industry standard licensing tool named FlexLM from Flexera.  If you have other FlexLM licenses, you may be familiar with the lmhostid value specified on the SERVER line of the FlexLM license file and can provide us directly with that information by looking at an existing license file.  If not, you will need to use a FlexLM utility to obtain that lmhostid value.  it is NOT the same as what the "hostid" command returns.

How to Obtain Your LMHostID

We need to have the "lmhostid" value used by Flexera's FlexLM licensing management tools before we can generate a license for you.  This value can be obtained by running Flexera's lmutil utility or, on Windows, by running our Request_License tool.  Either of these methods requires that you download and run a small licensing utility program.  If you have already installed Reaction Design software, these utilities are found in the license_utilities directory under the REACTION_DIR/licenses directory.  But, access to our product installer downloads requires that your web login be associated with a valid customer license.  This is why we separately provide these license utilities for download.  

Visit the License Tools page to view the options you have for obtaining just the licensing tools.  

Instructions for using these tools are also located in the Installation and Licensing Manual.  You can use the installed version of this manual or access the latest version online Installation_and_Licensing.pdf.  

Instructions for UNIX/LINUX Systems

On a UNIX/Linux systems, complete the following steps from the directory containing the lmutil tool (license_utilities in a Reaction Design product install) to use lmutil to obtain license information:

  • Open UNIX shell window and cd to the directory containing the lmutil tool you have downloaded.
  • Type hostname and press <Enter>.  Then type ./lmutil lmhostid and press <Enter>.

The two commands produce output similar to the example below. Note: If you see the FLEXlm host ID listed as fffffffff, then enter ./lmutil lmhostid -vsn to get the correct licensing information.

$ hostname
$ ./lmutil lmhostid
lmutil - Copyright (C) 1989-2001 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is "00508be8a19f"

Instructions for Windows Systems

Download and unzip the file to extract the .exe and .dll files. Run the RequestLicense.exe tool by double-clicking on it.  Or, if you have installed Reaction Design software, select All Programs > Reaction Design > Licensing > Request a New License from the Start menu to run the RequestLicense.exe.

Please complete the resulting form and use the EMAIL button to send us the information.

Note: If you do not yet have a license number, please fill in the Organization Name:User Last Name field similar to the following example:

Colorado School of Mines:McKee (no abbreviations please)

If for any reason the email function does not work, please submit a screen-print of the form to  

Install the License File

For either a license-only installation or a product installation with a local license service, please follow the instructions in the Installation_and_Licensing.pdf to install the license.  With a product installation, perform the product installation first to obtain the full set of licensing tools and directory structure,  Then follow the instructions to install the license and start the license service.  Only after the license service has been started should you attempt to run the product(s).  Otherwise, you will get "unable to checkout a license" errors and prompts to specify the license service.  But, until the service has been started, simply pointing to the license file will not accomplish the startup of the license service.