Customer Support Process

Reaction Design is committed to the highest level of technical support. In addition to the documentation provided with each product (in PDF format) and the FAQs on this website, you can always contact Reaction Design Technical Support to get all your questions answered.  The most expedient way to contact us is by email, which allows you to include any project archives, log files, screen prints, or other diagnostic files that may help us understand, reproduce, and reply to your request as swiftly as possible.  Please send any technical support inquiries to :


Support Information You Should Include with Each Request

To make sure we can help you as quickly as possible, please provide the basic information that allows us to create a Support Ticket and to track your support item.

  • license number (found in your .out or .log files and in the Help-->About command in the user interface
  • organization name (company or university or national lab ...)
  • Windows or Linux version (e.g., Windows 7 or CentOS 6.2)
  • 64-bit or 32-bit operating system
  • logs, outputs, and product archives (CHEMKIN), project files (FORTÉ), or project session files (ENERGICO), to allow us to understand, reproduce, and diagnose the problem

For licensing, installation, or application problems in CHEMKIN-PRO, CHEMKIN, Reaction Workbench, FORTE, ENERGICO, or CHEMKIN-CFD, please provide the appropriate additional diagnostic files as described in the sections below (expand the appropriate section to see the details of what you should provide).  Omitting these files when requesting the support may delay our ability to respond.

Licensing and Installation

For licensing problems, we have found that the majority of these problems can be resolved by following some standard troubleshooting methods linked here.  If you still have problems after following these steps, then please provide us with the diagnostic files described in the licensing troubleshooting web page.

For installation problems, please refer to the Installation and Licensing Manual found online here and distributed with all of our product installations.

CHEMKIN-PRO, CHEMKIN, Reaction Workbench

Use the CHEMKIN user interface to create a project archive file, as follows:

   Project-->Archive… (This creates a *.ckzip file that contains all the project information)

Archive at least the input files.  If appropriate, you may also include output files, though this will make the archive much bigger.

For problems related to the user interface operation, screen prints can be useful.  In such cases, please also provide the log file created in your user home area's chemkin/logs subdirectory.  Look for the most recent log file after you close your existing user interface session.  

If a "contact support" message appears from the user interface, please also cut-and-paste the contents of that message into your email to support.

CHEMKIN-CFD for Fluent

Please also provide this information:

  • Version of ANSYS Fluent in use


For inquiries related to ENERGICO operation:

  • If we do not already have your .cgns file, you can provide all the files we need to reproduce your ENERGICO session by using the File->Archive command from the ENERGICO user interface and FTP'ing us the archive file.  You can acquire an FTP account to upload large files to us as described in the Secure File Transfer help page.
  • If we already have your .cgns file, then you can provide the replay file (.ckses) and all the mechanism files.  These are typically small enough to email.

For inquiries related to equivalent reaction networks (ERNs): 

  • Follow the same procedures listed above for CHEMKIN-PRO, from the CHEMKIN-PRO user interface.


For all inquiries:

  • program outputs and/or screenprints showing the error message(s) you are receiving
  • the .ftsim job setup file.   You can create an FTP account to for uploading files to us as described in the Secure File Transfer help page.

 For inquiries related to running the CFD model, also include

  • the FORTE.log file found in your run directory (if your problem is the CFD run itself has problems)
  • the MONITOR file also found in your run directory

 For problems visualizing results, also include

  • the .ftres results file
  • the plot recreation XML file(s) created using File->SaveAs (or the SaveAs toolbar button)


Support Requests by Telephone

You may also request help by phone.  However, it is often difficult to transmit all the information needed to diagnose an issue by phone, such that email contact is often a quicker path to a solution. 

  • San Diego:  858-550-1920 x221  858-550-1925 (fax)
  • Japan: (+81) 36 202 2898 (telephone) (+81) 36 202 7676 (fax)

Customer Support Scope and Contracts

Customers consistently praise the support provided by Reaction Design.  We want our users to have success with our products and we strive for quick resolution when problems do arise.  Our support practices are documented in our License Agreement and key excerpts can be found in the contractual agreement and academic contract agreement.

Our support is focused on the use of our products.  We offer additional paid services for mechanism development, engineering training, and engineering consulting that is outside the scope of our product support.  We will make good faith efforts to support you with operating system and related issues as they pertain to getting our products to work in your environment, but do not provide systems administration.