MPI Downloads

Beginning with FORTÉ 40131, the Intel MPI Library is recommended instead of MPICH2. We have noticed slightly better performance and, on Linux, Intel offers automatic switching between using shared memory communication on a single node and TCP/IP communication (or other, faster fabrics) for a multi-node job. The FORTÉ flow solver and mesh generator are built with the Intel MPI Library versions of the MPI functions. MPICH2 continues to be compatible so you are not required to use Intel MPI, but you are encouraged to use it.

On Linux, FORTÉ uses mpirun command to start parallel jobs. To work with MPICH2, change this back to mpiexec. Please see the FORTE User Manual for more details.

Downloads of Intel MPI Runtime for FORTÉ Platforms

Please download the installer; the installation contains some documentation and more is available on the Intel web site. Since we develop our software with the Intel Cluster Studio XE tools including the Intel MPI Library, we are permitted by Intel to redistribute their runtime verison of Intel MPI. You are welcome to download these installers from our web site or you can go directly to the Intel web site. The choice is entirely yours. You may find slightly newer versions on the Intel web site, but any version of Intel MPI Library 4.1 should be fully compatible with FORTÉ.

These runtime MPI libraries are provided at no cost and do not require any license file or registration with Intel to use.  If you choose to obtain them directly from Intel, you will be asked to create a registration with the Intel web site to access their download site and you can directly obtain support for their use, if needed, from Intel. 

Platform/ Operating System Downloads

Linux (x86_64-based)

  • Redhat Enterprise 5, 6
  • We have been successful installing and running on CentOS 6 even though the installer warns that this is not a supported platform.
    Please check with Intel regarding other distributions.


  • Windows XP SP2 or newer
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012